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About Us

Our Vision

Our Vision is to develop our business as a long term independently controlled family enterprise that will contribute positively to society both ethically, socially and economically.  

Our business will help people grow and develop allowing them to achieve their best for the benefit of everyone.

Our Mission

To be the ‘go to’ provider of remuneration data and consulting advice for the Third Sector and SMEs through investing in better ways of doing things allowing us to provide excellent quality remuneration consulting advice and data in a timely fashion at a reasonable and transparent cost.

Our Values

While we may all contribute to the business in different ways and with different skills we believe that each individual is equal. 

We believe that individuals will contribute their best when encouraged to develop their strengths (rather than focus on weaknesses) working within a non hierarchical but supportive structure.

We believe that individuals should have lives that are a proper balance between work and home.  We therefore seek to provide flexible responses and systems to achieve this value.

We seek to support the mental and physical well being of all those in the business believing this to be  both a collective business and individual personal responsibility to those around us. 

We believe that it is our duty to consider others less fortunate wherever in the world and make a contribution to making life better for others.

We are a business that is always ethical, whatever the pressures, demands or consequences.

Our History

We can trace the history of parts of our organisation back to 1927.  Its current ownership dates from 1997 when The Brooks Partnership (TBP) was founded.  TBP established Meis Ltd providing executive compensation advice and subsequently acquired Inbucon from Lorien plc. Inbucon is a brand known for remuneration advice and remuneration surveys.  

The re-structuring of the business in 2009 and the creation of TBP2 Limited secured the business’ long term independence as a founder family controlled business.  The business is now in its second generation of management.

The last decade has seen TBP2 develop a number of innovative remuneration tools, not least the Meis online database. This decade has seen our first venture into Europe with the establishment of an European operation.

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