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Gender & Equality Reporting

Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations & how we can help you

Equal pay rules will require organisations to publish information about the pay of their male and female employees.

Organisations with more than 250 employees will be required to publish differences in pay between male and female employees.

What can you do to prepare?

Organisations should ensure that they have a clear understanding of the rationale behind their pay and grading policies and practices a clear determination as to which groups are undertaking ‘equal work’ procedures in place to ensure that such policies are applied consistently

Underpinning by using Job Evaluation would provide a systematic framework to support equal pay for work of equal value and help in the elimination of pay discrimination.

Gender Pay Reporting Regulations

Here at Inbucon, we have developed an online tool to facilitate the calculation of a gender pay gap. The tool is simple to use and the results are clear and accessible. Using data from your own personnel and payroll records, the input document can be easily populated and then uploaded into the tool.

For each group that performs equal work, you can then calculate the average, lower quartile and upper quartile pay for male and female, including benefits, different age bands, part/full time & ethnicity.

The online functionality allows you to take ownership of the system and make instant updates and changes.

Job Evaluation

Inbucon’s proprietary Job Evaluation is a points factor analytical scheme thereby providing a defence against equal pay claims.

Equality tested and adhering to the Equality and Human Rights Commission guidelines, we offer consultancy support and training in the Scheme.

The online functionality allows your organisation to take complete control of the process.

Remuneration Policies